Welcome to the myPricing training page

Here we learn how to perform and be competitive online with myPricing

Getting Started

We present you myPricing journey from subscription to being live. In order to master the app, we recommend to watch all videos

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How can I configure my myPricing app correctly?

Firstly, you will have to import your catalog, discover how to do it in 3 minutes

Second step, you need to link your marketplaces account with myPricing

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Repricing strategy

Your app is almost ready. You will now have to create a repricing strategy in order to perform online

You will learn in this video how to create price rules in order to define your repricing strategy

We show you some pro tips to verify your repricing before going live

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Go live

You are now ready to go live. Discover here how to activate myPricing

We present you how to export your prices on your website and on marketplaces linked to myPricing


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